MyDreamPlus History

Our beginnings

Founded in May 2015, MyDreamPlus is a brand focusing on technological working experience in office. With space design, smart office management and community operation, We concentrate on working on OaaS to make comfortable, high-efficiency, open office experience.
By now, Mydreamplus has grown to more than 10 Co-working spaces location in: LamaTemple77, BaiZiWan, ZhongGuanCun, WangJing, GuoMao, HePingLi, ChaoYangMen. Cooperating with moren than 200 company including COFCO, Chinese TAL Education Group, Airbnb,tower.im, VIPKID and so on.In the meantime, occupancy rate is averagely up to 85%. We’re preparing to open 16 coworking spaces by the end of 2016.,totalling 40000㎡ and 6000 individual working desks.

Our spaces

MyDreamPlus aims to improve and inspire the work of entrepreneurs by surrounding them with a beautiful, efficient environment. Each location has been carefully planned to maximise light and space, filled with some of our self-designed high-quality furniture, and fitted with our smart management system. This exclusively developed system enables clients to solve office-related problems simply on their smartphones: be it opening a door, booking a meeting room, or sending WIFI password to guests.

Our founders

Li Wenlei, Wen Mengfei, Wang Xiaolu are three friends and experienced entrepreneurs. Li and Wen originally established a business in London, before later selling it to an Israeli and Nasdaq-listed company for 80 million USD in 2012. Wang graduated with a masters degree from Tsing-hua University, and received an MBA from Collège des Ingénieurs in France. He has since worked as a private equity consultant and an investor before he starting his own business in 2011.

As entrepreneurs themselves, the MyDreamPlus founders understand what startups really need. Members enjoy access to both work and life related services: legal counseling, health insurance, financial advice, food and housekeeping, allowing them to concentrate on growing their businesses.

We want to create an environment where creatives can thrive. Our spaces break traditional conventions and provide spaces designed to relax bodies and focus minds. We aim to make work a fulfilling fun part of life.

In a MyDreamPlus coworking space, people collaborate with and challenge each other. We aim to create an inclusive community, where a small step forward by for each client is seen as an achievement for the wider family.

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